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Handyman Drywall Repair

Handyman Drywall Repair Services in Royal Oak, Michigan


Ready to fix your walls with our expert handyman drywall repair service? Whether you’re dealing with unsightly holes, cracks, or water damage, our skilled team is here to restore your drywall to its former glory. With precision and attention to detail, our handyman drywall repair services will leave your walls smooth, seamless, and ready for a fresh coat of paint. Say goodbye to imperfections and hello to beautifully repaired drywall with Hearth & Home Handyman Services!

Patching Holes and Cracks

Smoothing Out Uneven Surfaces

Repairing Water Damage

Texturing to Match Existing Finish

Fixing Nail Pops

Sealing and Priming Repaired Areas

How do I know if I need handyman drywall repair?

Signs that indicate you may need drywall repair include visible holes, cracks, water stains, or uneven surfaces on your walls or ceilings.

Can you match the texture of my existing drywall?

Yes, our skilled team can replicate a variety of textures, including smooth finishes, orange peel, knockdown, and more, to ensure seamless repairs that blend with your existing walls.

How long does drywall repair take?

The duration of drywall repair varies depending on the extent of the damage and other factors. Our team will assess your project during the initial consultation and provide an estimate of the timeline.

Will I need to repaint my walls after drywall repair?

In most cases, it’s recommended to repaint the repaired areas to achieve a uniform appearance. Our team can assist with priming and painting services as needed to complete the restoration process.

Do you handle small drywall repair projects?

Absolutely! No repair project is too small for us. Whether you have a minor hole or a larger area in need of attention, we’re here to provide professional and reliable drywall repair services.


Stephen is very professional and pleasant to work with. The weatherstripping replacement looks great! And he helped us hang several art works that needed a ladder and replaced several doors on relocated cabinets. I will gladly call this company again for home projects.

Eileen V.

Outstanding work! I highly recommend Hearth & Handyman Services. While I enjoy doing many of my own small home remodeling jobs, I've recently been too busy to finish what I started. I tried calling other construction companies and no one would even come out to give me a quote for a small job. Hearth & Handyman Services is a perfect fit for me. The quote process online was very easy with a description of the job and a few uploaded pictures. The work was started in a brief period of time and the craftsmanship was excellent! I'm very pleased with how they helped move my project forward and definitely will be using them again!

Steve D.

Some of our siding came off after a storm, and these guys responded to my response right away and got me scheduled. Due to storms and emergencies with other customers, they had to delay our visit but Natalie was wonderful in managing to get someone out to us within a day or two of our scheduled day. They were also good with their price, in addition to their excellent customer service. I would and will recommend this company to anyone who is looking for outdoor repairs.

Dina R.

Professional experience from the initial contact to finish. Great work. Had a new handle put on the sliding door, screen door mesh insert installed and a picture hung.

Sara N.

Excellent service, quality and care.

Amy B.

We had a number of jobs to be done, including installation of a pedestal sink, painting a stairwell, and installing safety grab bars and hand rails. Our handyman was prompt, conscientious, friendly, and his workmanship was flawless. He finished the jobs is less time than expected. We are very pleased with everything.

Nancy B.

Had some siding above the roof line that needed fixing. I'm not too crazy about getting on roofs. It was a small job, but none the less they didn't take it any less seriously then perhaps a larger project. Office was very fast getting back with me, I'm speaking to minutes not hours. Quote seemed very reasonable, end of the job it was lower then quoted which was a nice surprise. The gentlemen was prompt, made quick work of the siding repair and was professional. I will definitely have more work for this company in the future.


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Drywall Repair, Paint & Wall

Need to refresh a room, add color or tone things down, or modify or replace a wall? Our team of drywall experts can help with repairs and replacement. Painting and wallpaper services are also included in our breadth of services.


Home ownership and carpentry repairs are inseparable. Let Hearth & Home's insured home-service professionals help you stay on top of what needs fixing or replacing, from outdoor fencing and decks and screens to indoor trim, shelving, handrails and doors.


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Electrical & Plumbing

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Aging in Place Modifications

As people age, so do their home needs. Hearth & Home handymen can make homes safe for seniors or others with limited mobility. As a senior-friendly company, we do ADA-compliant modifications that improve household safety. Upon request, we will fully assess individual needs in partnership with a certified aging specialist.

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