The Most Common Home Improvement Mistakes to Avoid

Nov 12, 2021 | Home Improvement

When it comes to home improvement mistakes, there are many you can experience. From minor mistakes to major ones, when it comes to home improvement it is almost always best to utilize a professional handyman or professional remodeling company to make sure your projects get done and get done right. We’ve outline some of the most common home improvement mistakes you should do your best to avoid.

DIY Home Improvements Gone Wrong…

A carpenter I met once said that he spent a lot of time working on “renovation rescues”.  By this, he meant that he stepped in for homeowners who thought they could do manage their own home improvement as a DIY’er and had created a problem they couldn’t solve on their own.  If you aren’t certain that you have the skill set to tackle your home improvement goals on your own, hire an expert from the start.  Bringing in someone to fix your work will cost more in the long run and take away from the fun a home improvement brings to your life.  Know your limits!

Low Quality Materials in a Home Improvement Project

Once you’ve decided to invest in home improvement, make sure your budget includes quality materials.  These are the foundation of any good home improvement and not something to scrimp on.  Its no fun to spend more on things like drywall, or waterproofing materials in a bathroom – its much more fun to spend money on tile and lighting and everything that catches your eye.  But if you don’t have strong, well-installed materials underneath all of those beautiful finishes, you’ll regret it in the long run.

Unrealistic Budgets for Home Improvements

Home improvements are expensive and today, homeowners are faced with supply chain issues and labor shortages that have driven up costs even more  So before you tackle a home improvement project, make sure to consult with more than one construction expert in your area and get estimates.  Always add 10-15% to every estimate for unexpected expenses which can include conditions that can’t be observed during the estimate process, material increases, city requirements that weren’t anticipated and more.  And last but not least, be realistic about your material finishes.  If you absolutely love a light fixture or a bathroom vanity, or another fixture that will go in your new space, make room in your budget for these things.  This is the sizzle that goes with the steak – and what makes your home improvement satisfying in the end.

Not Hiring Licensed Professionals for Electrical & Plumbing

Did you know that there are over 50,000 home fires every year that are caused by faulty electrical wiring?  Electrical work should never be tackled by anyone except a licensed professional – someone with years of training and education in the field.  Although the risks of doing your own plumbing work aren’t as dire as electrical home improvements, if you don’t do the plumbing work properly you can affect the water pressure, cause venting issues, and create leaking issues that can lead to bigger problems.  A new faucet or light fixture is a great, affordable home improvement, but they should always be installed by people who know what they’re doing. Don’t let cost savings lead you down this common home improvement mistake of DIYing these complex systems.