Top Tips for Painting a Basement – Looking for A Basement Painter?

Sep 28, 2022 | Home Improvement

Are you looking for a basement painter? Finishing your basement can result in higher home value. Sometimes, simply finishing the floor to putting up drywall isn’t enough. A dull basement can easily be brought to life with a fresh coat of paint. Our team at Hearth & Home Handyman can take care of all your basement painting needs. Let’s go over some top tips when it comes to painting a basement.

1. Use Saturated Paint Colors

If you’re looking for basement wall paint ideas, start by looking into deep or bright saturated hues. They are an excellent option for every wall and/or one wall to bring a room together. Perhaps, you thought to use lighter colors because it makes the room feel larger. However, these shades need more light to really work effectively.

2. Stylize Your Ceiling

Basement ceiling paint can make your space appear unfinished and drab. Try the following ideas to help spruce up your ceiling and make your basement look more like an extension of your home’s main living space.

Paint it white: This option can easily brighten up your basement. Also, it will give off an open ambient vibe. Even if you have darker walls.
Paint it black: One upside to black paint is that it covers up any flaws really well. Also, it easily disguises the ceiling which can create an illusion of a higher one. Side note, dark paint is perfect got home theatre rooms.

3. Hire A Professional Basement Painter

Painting a basement should be completed by a professional basement painter. First, experienced professionals have the proper equipment to complete the job right. Also, a reliable company knows how to follow expert procedures for the best results. Here are some benefits of hiring a professional basement painter:

  • A free quote – Our professionals will give you a risk-free quote to aid your decision.
  • Professional advice when choosing paint colors – Choosing paint colors can oftentimes be a tough decision. We can consult you on the best paint colors for your space and situation.
  • Less mess.. less stress – Our pros follow proper procedure when it comes to protecting the things that should not get painted. We have proper tarps, cloths, tape, and more, to ensure a proper paint job.
  • The proper paint will be used – When using an expert, you can ensure you are getting a quality paint job. The paint you use matters and we make sure to use quality mixtures.


We are here to help you paint your basement. We can come up with a quote and action plan for your situation. Count on us to paint the basement of your dreams. Contact us today if you are in need of a handyman. Or, contact our sister company, Kendall Design + Build for your next big or small remodel project.